The art of helping Through Imagination
I'm a speaker at SOTA 2017!

An essay on psychology as mythology and by extension why astrology should be in the humanities and not the sciences. Click here.

Speaking Schedule for 2017 


FEB. 16 - 20. "Elemental Spirituality" NCGR Conference, Baltimore, MD.

MAY 5 - 7. "In Praise of Melancholy - Reframing Jupiter and Saturn" GLAC Conference, Ann Arbor, MI.

OCT 20 -22.  "12th House, Neptune, and Pisces" SOTA Conference, Cheektowaga, NY.

MAY 24 - 29, 2018 "In Praise of Melancholy - Reframing Jupiter and Saturn" "Astrology and the Unseen Side of Relationship" UAC Conference, Chicago, IL.


If you belong to a club or organization in the greater Cinti/Dayton area and invite in speakers, I offer a free lecture on "Whatever Happened to Astrology?"


Benefits of an appointment


ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS provide an occasion for you to step into a larger vision of yourself from a cosmic perspective. Using a dialoguing process, we start from your actual life and go over your birth chart explaining what the planets, signs, houses, and aspects mean in relation to you. A consultation gives you a different sense of understanding motivational needs, developmental challenges, opportunities for change, and life themes. I hope to help give you a meaningful experience in which you are engaged in an intensely satisfying way.

  is a process through which we can address any concerns, stressors, or difficulties you may be experiencing in a caring and supportive setting.

Within an astrological perspective, I engage a person-centered existential style using elements of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for personal exploration griefwork, depression, anxiety, and a variety of emotional difficulties.

ECONSULTS afford the benefit of flexible scheduling and convenience for you in the comfort of your own home. Working with your chart in a writing intensive process carried on via email, you will be able to craft and contemplate more thoroughly every submission and response between us concerning your life. You will also have hard copy available of all our exchanges for future referencing.

Read an excerpt from "The Astrological Imagination." on why astrology works.

Click here.