Though I am still working online with eConsults, I am currently on sabbatical from seeing clients in person, If you are a past client or there is some urgency, please contact me.
An astrology Consultation can be an effective strategy for getting a handle on your concerns and as an adjunct to the counseling. Process.
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astrology provides a framework for imagining a profound
intimacy between ourselves and our world.

Fees for Service


Read an excerpt from "The Astrological Imagination." on why astrology works.
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This is a collaborative dialogue exploring your natal chart to discuss your concerns and discern your motivational drives, attitudes, relational style, communication pattern, attachment needs, potential strengths, life themes, and critical challenges within an astrological perspective.

A unique approach to helping within an astrological perspective.

Astrotherapy is a followup opportunity to the consultation (if desired) and is the  application of astrological principles to the therapeutic process. This is for the person who may be experiencing difficult life transitions, stress, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, relational or career concerns.Though similar to counseling, I am not assessing, diagnosing, or treating you for any mental disorder.

Ancient wisdom combined with modern vision in a caring and supportive setting.


One time consultation is $100 for a 1 1/2 hour session. 

Astrotherapy is $70. per session. Sliding fee scale may be available.

Payment is expected at the end of each session.

eConsult fee is $175. eConsult payment is due via PayPal prior to our working together.


Astrotherapy is a way of tending your inner garden; nurturing, watering, feeding, and caring for the variety of life inhabiting your inner landscape.

The metaphorical language of astrology however, is a way of discovering what sort of seed packets have been planted in this inner garden. How have motivations, attitudes, affect states, cognitive skills, attachment needs, relational style, etc., taken root, sprouted, and blossomed within you? This is the value of astrology.

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eConsults are writing intensive online exchanges about personal concerns using the astrology to guide us. These are especially good for people with scheduling problems or who enjoy journal keeping, letter writing, blogging, etc. These exchanges may extend anywhere from two weeks to two months.

In the greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas, I provide  astrotherapy and an in person and online astrological consulting service based on your personal birth chart derived from the time, date, and place of your birth. Though I am attentive to current transit and progression trends in your life, I do not make predictions nor engage in fortune telling. I do not give you advice as to how you should live your life or what decisions you should make about your circumstances. I don't deal with past lives or karma. I don't believe the stars have any influence over us nor do I believe in bad signs, planets, or aspects. What I do believe is that astrology is a metaphorical language best used for exploring and enriching our life experience. The chart is a deep well from which we may always draw helpful insights throughout our lives, especially during times of questioning and discord. It doesn't so much give us answers as it provokes questions for us to explore to arrive at our own empowered solutions.

The art of helping Through Imagination